Homework: At this age Your child should spend between 20 minutes to a half an hour on homework. Below is usually what is assigned each day. For Math there are other options if a Math page is not assigned.

Mondays- Spelling 3x each, Read, Study Spelling
Tuesdays - Read, Study Spelling, Math pg., Math Fact Practice,
Wednesdays- Read, Study Spelling, Math pg, Math Fact Practice,
Thursdays- Read, Study Spelling, Math pg., Math Fact Practice,

Remember to fill out those reading logs. There is an attachment below if you would need another one.

Below is a link to a program we will be using this year to review the Common Core Standards

Prodigy Game

If your child would like to practice Math Facts at home then you could go to the following websites.
First In Math

Religion-Take a look at this to see what we are learning in Religion-
Religion Book
Religion Chapter Reviews